The difference between tissue paper rubbing paper and corrugated paper

07-06-2018 |

Corrugated paper is a plate-shaped material made of corrugated paper formed by cross-cutting paper and corrugated paper. It is generally divided into single corrugated paperboard and double corrugated paperboard. The corrugated paper is divided into the following corrugated sizes: A, B, C , E, F five types.
In the production process, it is pressed into a corrugated shape. After the corrugated cardboard is made, it will provide the elasticity and flat compressive strength of the cardboard and affect the properties such as vertical compressive strength. Corrugated paper, paper is flat, the thickness should be the same, can not have wrinkles, cracks and holes and other paper diseases, otherwise increase the production process of breakage failure, affect product quality. Corrugated cardboard is made into corrugated cardboard boxes by die cutting, creasing, nail boxes or stick boxes. Corrugated carton is one of the most widely used packaging products, and the amount has always been the first of a variety of packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated boxes.

Cotton paper belongs to special paper. Special paper is used to copy different fibers into papers with special functions using a paper machine. For example, raw materials such as synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp are used alone, and they are modified or processed with different materials to impart different functions and uses to the paper. , For example: Living, building materials, electrical products, industrial filters, machinery, agriculture, information, optics, culture and art, cutting-edge biotechnology, etc., as long as they are used for special purposes. All are collectively referred to as specialty papers. Special paper types include: cotton paper, rice paper, interlayer paper, dustless paper, greaseproof paper, dustproof paper…

Rubbing paper refers to rubbing the paper with natural wrinkles. For example, we often use “South Korea hand rubbing paper”. It is really paper made by hand. The texture is rubbed by hand. The texture of the paper is very special.
However, the hand-knead paper that is often used today is a kind of wrapper that is very common in the market. It is the kind of colored, fine-grained square paper commonly used in flower shops. It is the texture of a hand-rolled, hand-kneaded machine. It’s cheap. Because it’s more colorful and cheaper, it’s very suitable for packaging and origami. Some use him for paper flowers.

The corrugated paper used on the cardboard display stand is located in different locations A, B, C, E, and several different types depending on the load-bearing requirements. Of course, if the customer does not understand their specific texture, he only needs to tell the effect he wants to achieve. Display Products Co., Ltd. The rest is handed over to Hengchuang’s designers for you to complete.


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