Advertising display stand variability display principle

27-11-2018 | 3.12 pm

Advertising display stand variability display principleAdvertising and advertising sections that can be seen everywhere in the mall, although the booming development of the Internet advertising industry has impacted the traditional advertising industry, many shopping malls also attach great importance to regular seasonal promotions and renovations, or use traditional advertising. Equipment in the materials industry, because the form of eye-catching advertising in this kind of life is always in the eye.

The display of the advertisement display stand requires the store to adjust the display of the goods according to the changes of the work line, promotion or season, such as large display display, end frame display display, related display display, groove display display, comparative Display display, these advertising display display usually has a certain marketing purpose, the deadline is no more than one month, but it can best drive the activity of the store.

The advertising display frame follows the principle of variability display, can break the monotony of the display of goods, create the image of cheap stores, help to adjust the inventory of goods, and enhance the advertising effect of goods. When applying this principle, the following factors should be considered: rational division of commodity areas, introduction of dialogues, coordination of seasonal activities, formulation of topics, impactful goods/prices, and seizure of business opportunities.

It is worth noting that the variability of the display of the advertising display should not be placed in a mess, but rather a product, a regular replacement, convenient for customers to take, can better guide customers to buy. This article is collected by the China Identity Network. For more information, please visit the Logo Business School.


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