Brands should pay more attention to terminal marketing solutions

26-07-2018 | 12.00 am

In the years when I started the cardboard display manufacturing industry, I worked as a designer in the past few years to learn and establish system design thinking and methods, but I often became confused in the design process of the actual project: Is a solution that follows the design specifications, industry trends, and the step-by-step derivation of the so-called system design method really is a good design? Sometimes it will make me feel templating, correct and useless, always feel that something is missing, and the essence is not enough. This is not achieved by following the rules.

Sometimes I feel that designing is like writing an article. An article that leads to the rhetoric of the quotation from the classics may be a good eight-part article, but it may not be touching people’s hearts. The core value of an article should lie in the central idea behind the words to stimulate the reader’s emotional resonance and reflection, and the user experience design field is the insight and grasp of the nature of the problem, while the norms, trends and methods are more like the genre of the article. And the use of writing, intertextuality, metaphor and other writing skills, the role of supporting the expression of the central idea, should not be arrogant, the so-called change is not separated from the sect, as long as the core issues are detained, you can do more for the technical things. Break through and try.

Don’t let the normal limit creativity, ask why not?

Indeed, designing controls in accordance with the general specifications of the cardboard display industry is often more efficient and convincing in practical work. An unconventional approach is more likely to be challenged during the promotion process: I have not seen such a design, and the marketing plan of the XX brand is doing that…..

When we refer to the terminal display plan, we must not only know what it is, how it is used, but also what scene is used, but also why not?

Must this accessory be rectangular? Why is it designed to be rectangular?

In our products, does the essential effect of this accessory make the cardboard display stand more stable and easier to install?

What happens when the pallet display is round or other shape? Is it the same that can achieve the fundamental purpose?

We should take the initiative to do some different explorations around the fundamental demands and discover more possibilities for innovation. Plagiarism may not affect the core competitiveness of product managers, but for designers, losing thinking and creativity is a terrible thing. Don’t be satisfied and compromised easily.

Vision is the foundation of innovation, keeping curiosity

Product design is the balance of business, users and technology, consciously paying more attention to some aspects of business and technology, and can also inspire us to make designs that are both innovative and reasonable enough.

Curiosity about technology is equally important. Many foreign companies value terminal marketing programs. This is not only to attract consumers’ attention, but also to enable consumers to have a desire to buy; international brands pursue high-end design and terminal marketing programs. Unshakable belief, they are more willing to accept fresh things, like the Oreo biscuit box, can eat cookies while listening to music, as well as smart promotional robots seen in hypermarkets, a promotional display stand or A brand of land can exist in many forms.

Curiosity and curiosity are a very precious asset for designers and even more positions. May you always have it.


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