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Customized process for cardboard display stands

  1. About the structure of cardboard display stand: The structure of cardboard display stand is designed according to the customer’s products. It can be customized according to the specific requirements and quantity of your company.


2.About material: Our company adopts high-quality gray board and high-strength corrugated paper, which can be recycled and recycled, meeting the requirements of low carbon environmental protection.

High quality raw material display:



  1. About the price: the specific price is adjusted according to the structure and size of the cardboard displays, the printing content, the material requirements and the quantity.
  2. About design: Our designers can provide you with structural design free of charge, according to your product packaging size, load weight, consumer groups, terminal store space to design a cardboard display stand suitable for your product.

  1. About proofing: 2-3 days, the proofing fee depends on the specific size and structure, and the sample fee can be refunded when the large goods are made.
  2. A large number of requirements: All cardboard display racksmust first provide a design confirmation, before confirming the design drawings, and then confirm the proof before they can produce large goods.

  1. Small quantity demand: Our company has a minimum starting quantity of 200. The quantity is less than 200, which is proofing and the cost is relatively high.

8.About the picture: The customer makes the printed documents according to the cardboard display frame structure provided by our company, and we print according to the documents of the buyer.

  1. Down payment: The product is produced according to the sample confirmed by the customer. (Not the general product is not satisfied or does not like it can be returned to us and then sold to others, we will not have any loss), but the printed products are all It is made, so you have to pay the deposit in advance. If the customer does not want to pay for the unilateral reasons, then our manufacturer’s loss is very large. So please understand and support!
  2. Printing color: It is normal for the display screen to have a color difference, and the color difference of the printed product is about 10%. In this case, you can use a digital sample to confirm the color before making a large shipment.

11.About the freight: Our quotation does not include freight (except for special mention), the small amount of products are used for express delivery, the specific cost is charged according to the standard of the express company, and the large quantity of products is shipped, and the specific freight is provided by the third party.

12.About return: The bulk goods produced by our company are tailor-made and re-produced after proofing in advance. Once it has been produced, it cannot be returned, please understand!


HIC DISPLAY is a manufacturer,suppliers and exporters of cardboard display stands, paper display,corrugated display,counter top display, supermarket pallet display and other paper products. We are one of the leading manufacturer engaged in manufacturing of Supermarket cardboard display and store display solution to meet the requirement of retail store and supermarket in overseas marketing.

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