Here Comes Cosmetic Display Compilation

09-10-2019 | 12.00 am

Different from others, products like cosmetics always need an adervertising carrier to show the charm of its own.  And the carrier must be Display.

Today, I will recommend some most popular displays for different cosmetics products.

The first one is FALSE EYELASH Display.

Hook Display is the best choice for false eyelashes products for it can hang lots of products and its printing area. You can also make it two sides  or four sides or rotatable.


The second is the counter display for small cosmetics like nail polish or lipsticks.

It has tiers and holes to display your products better and hold the lipsticks still and small size makes it available in every narrow space.

The third one is the Pallet Display for all kinds of cosmetics.

It has the best effect of buildind brands and advertising. You can put all your products:lipsticks,eyeshadow powder,facial mask… on ONE pallet display and catch people’s eyes in the mall.

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