Corrugated carton packaging printing process explanation


First, the processing technology of corrugated board Corrugated board processing technology is mainly divided into two categories

1. Automatic corrugated board production line production process

The corrugated board production process is widely used, and has the advantages of large production volume, large volume of carton forming, and good quality of enamel type. The corrugated board produced by the process is usually made into a carton by processes such as water-based printing, slotting, sticking, and molding. The carton produced by this process is mainly used as a transport package.

2. Semi-automatic corrugated board production line production process

The corrugated board production process is to first print the facial tissue and then combine it with corrugated medium paper and cardboard. The corrugated cardboard produced by the process is conventionally formed into a box by using die-cutting indentation and sticking. The carton produced by the process has good molding quality and good surface treatment effect. The carton produced by this process can be used as a sales package.

Second, the conventional carton printing method The conventional carton printing methods mainly include flexo, offset and screen printing.

Flexographic printing

Corrugated boxes Conventional flexographic printing corrugated box processes are printed directly on corrugated board using water-based inks, so some people refer to this process as a watermark. Flexographic direct printing has the following characteristics:

(1) The format is large. The wide-format flexographic press has a maximum width of 2.5m~2.8m.

(2) The price is low. The flexographic printing plate has a high print durability and can be reused; the ink price is also low.

(3) It can be linked to production, such as printing, slotting, indentation, binding (sticking) box, bundling, etc.

(4) The carton strength is reduced less. Since flexo printing is light press printing, the effect on the strength of corrugated board is small.

(5) The printing precision is not high. The number of conventional offset printing lines is 175 lines/inch, while the conventional printing line of flexo printing boxes is 35 lines/inch to 65 lines/inch. It is a low-precision printing method, which is most suitable for printing text lines. The quality of four-color image printing has improved in recent years, but it is still limited.

(6) The plate making is easy and difficult, the text line drafting is easy, and the four-color image making is difficult.

(7) The printing quality is not stable, mainly reflected in the difficulty of controlling the color of the printing ink. The flexographic direct printing process is suitable for the first type of carton production process, and is currently widely used in China’s carton factories.

2. Offset printing

Corrugated Boxes Conventional Offset Printing Corrugated boxes use indirect printing, which means printing the carton paper first, and then attaching the printed tissue to the corrugated board.

Since the resolution of the PS plate is relatively high, a very fine printed pattern can be printed. At present, the vast majority of high-grade corrugated boxes used for sales in China are offset products. Offset printing corrugated boxes have the following characteristics:

(1) It is not suitable for the use of cardboard linkage production line, only suitable for single-face corrugating machine, and the production efficiency is low.

(2) The format is limited, generally smaller than the width of the flexo carton.

(3) The printed products are very fine, and the number of screen lines can reach 150 lines/inch to 200 lines/inch.

(4) Easy plate making, regular plate making for the PS version.

(5) Surface finishing, such as lamination, glazing, etc., can be performed.

(6) High printing costs.

(7) The printing quality is relatively stable.


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