Why Floor Standing Display Units are a Great Idea!

16-01-2015 | 12.00 am

FSDU or floor standing display units as they are more formally known and free standing display units as they are most commonly known are used in retail stores and sometimes exhibitions to display products to customers. In every shop you go into, especially food stores, you are likely to see these display units placed all over the shop floor, often at the end of aisles and near to the tills; but why are they so popular?
And what do they actually do? Well here are FIVE reasons why we think FSDUs are a brilliant idea for any shop:

1. They are an extremely cost effective way of displaying products, and lots of them. They are most commonly made from cardboard so aren’t expensive to produce and because they are free standing they can be made in any size so are often made fairly large so as to hold a high number of products. What’s more because they are made from cardboard they are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly; bonus!

2. As floor standing display units are separate from regular shop shelves they are more likely to catch customer’s eyes. As well as being eye-catching, often the shelves on FSDUs are tilted, angling the products toward the consumers. All of this means that people are more likely to pay attention to what is in these display units rather than what is on the regular shelves, making them an excellent way of selling products.

3. As well as being a great way of selling products they are also a great form of advertising. As consumers notice the display units and the products inside them, they will also notice any logos or brands that are printed on them; they are therefore an excellent way of increasing brand awareness.

4. FSDUs are a great promotion tool and are frequently used when there are special offers and deals on. They enable a special offer to be seen by more customers than if the products were simply stacked on the regular shelves, meaning that more products are likely to be sold.

5. Floor standing display units are extremely versatile; they can be placed anywhere on the shop floor, most commonly at the end of aisles and near to the tills. This is what makes them so great because consumers are much more likely to buy a product that jumps out at them rather than something that is mixed among other products in the middle of a busy shelf. Placing FSDUs in the eye line of customers is the best way to catch their attention and therefore sell products.

So there we have it; five reasons why FSDUs are so popular. So if you want to sell products and increase brand awareness, floor standing display units are the way to go!




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