HICDISPLAY Learn fire prevention knowledge and prevent accidents

09-08-2018 | 12.00 am


It is prone to fire in summer, we must pay attention to daily maintenance such as machines to prevent fires.

It is now summer, this is also the high-risk period of the fire, a fire is shocking, we should also sound the alarm, put the fire prevention into practice, many people say that the fire can not be prevented?

1, equipment should be maintained, cleaning work should be strengthened. The machine must not be short of oil, and the machine must always be in the moisture of the lubricant. At the same time, the paper dust, dust, etc. are clean;

2. The electrical circuit of the machine should be checked frequently to avoid unnecessary losses caused by problems such as aging of the line;

3, flammable materials must be strengthened management, do not just throw in the vicinity of the machine;

4. The operation must be operated according to the operation procedure, and all operations that violate the operation specifications are prohibited;

5. The fire exit should be kept open, not blocked, fire extinguishers should be placed at each control point, and the fire extinguishers should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good condition.

6. Strengthen fire prevention training and safety education.


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