What issues should be paid attention to in enterprise brand packaging design?

29-10-2018 | 10.20 am

What issues should be paid attention to in enterprise brand packaging design?

In the supermarket, consumers choose to buy products, usually starting from the choice of packaging, therefore, the importance of brand packaging is reflected here, then what kind of brand packaging design is a good packaging design? Here is good or not Fortunately, the terminal reflects whether it can sell goods. From the consumer level, whether brand packaging design can impress consumers.

Is it possible to sell goods? How to achieve this goal? If the brand packaging designer can design the packaging to impress consumers to sell goods? Need to be detailed. A brand packaging process is needed to ensure that designers can work according to market requirements.

First, establish the industry

Collect a package design for the entire industry (competitive products), understand the brand packaging design of each competitor, and then produce a complete description of the design of competing packaging. This is a reference for packaging design for customers and graphic designers. This is an essential and important task;

Second issued the project packaging design

This is based on the market competition packaging design and customer opinions, and there are advertising companies (planning companies) based on the comprehensive opinions, which is a more valuable program document to guide the designer’s work.

Third brainstorming

After completing the above two tasks, the work that needs to be done is a brainstorming, or it can be said to be brainstorming, but whether brainstorming is really useful, in fact, it is hard to say that for outstanding designers or planners, this step actually It’s useless. This industry is a profession that is as important as talent and effort, but it is very talented, after all, it is less, so for most companies, this is also necessary. This step is the company planning copywriters on the packaging. The idea to be assigned is to form a manuscript. For the designer, it is to implement the brand value in a flat form together with the plan. Therefore, the first draft of a package design comes out.
Does that mean that the entire packaging design work is completed? If the customer agrees, can it be completed?
For a formal creative company, this is not possible. In the attitude of being responsible to the customer, one more step is needed, which is the market test experiment.

Market testing experiment for the fourth brand packaging design

A brand packaging can be said to determine the success or failure of terminal sales in a certain sense. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the color preference of the consumer, the size of the package, that is, the popularity of the size, and the brand value of the product conveyed on the package, etc. The advertising company (planning company) and the customer complete this test together. When the conditions are met, it is best to enter the supermarket and test the popularity with the actual sales status. Therefore, this step must be made for the consumer to pay for the purchase. The form to test, otherwise it does not make sense. A comprehensive measurement is required both in the virtual sales state (non-purchase test) and in the actual sales state (purchase test).

After completing the above stages, it is considered to complete a packaging design cycle. If it is more popular, it will be put on the market. If it is not accepted by the market, it will be rectified.

For the fourth step of market testing, many companies can’t do it. The reason is whether a package is popular. In actual sales, whether the price is reasonable or not is determined. What can be done is that while accepting the customer’s packaging design, Participate in the price setting, otherwise the effect can not be measured.

This also raises a strange phenomenon, that is, many companies do not pay attention to the brand packaging design, just take it, you can accept it, this is very tragic, the consequences of such short-sighted behavior, do not have to say more . Why wouldn’t I have to eat thousands of dollars for a customer’s meal? I don’t want to spend more energy on all consumers to provide a packaging design that is popular in the market. Short-sightedness determines the market prospects.


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