How to save a custom cosmetic packaging boxes

19-10-2018 | 12.00 am

How to save a custom cosmetic box
We all know that custom cosmetic packaging boxes have a variety of benefits, but the beauty of the custom cosmetic packaging box, the inner material is also composed of paper and cardboard, how to ensure that our custom cosmetic packaging box, not because of preservation problems It is important to protect the normal use of custom cosmetic packaging.
First, do a good job of customizing the cosmetics packaging box moisture-proof work
We all know that as a paper product, the biggest natural enemy is the wet weather. If it is not well preserved, the custom cosmetic packaging box will not only become soft, but also because the wet weather will cause the custom cosmetic packaging box to mold, then you work hard. The custom-made cosmetic packaging box was revoked, and there was nothing more terrible than this.
Therefore, after the production of our products, the most important thing is to keep the warehouse dry and ventilated, especially in the rainy season, to remove the excessive moisture in the air to maintain the hardness and mildew of the customized cosmetic packaging box. Sex.
Cosmetic packaging box is most afraid of water
Second, on raw materials, we should use moisture-proof raw materials to effectively reduce the problems caused by moisture to your custom cosmetic packaging box.
In general, paper mills add some water-repellent auxiliaries in order to improve the water resistance of raw materials, but because of the high cost of this raw material, the cost is more, but such auxiliaries have a moisture-proofing effect on your products. Great role, because any sale can not be a one-time sale, this treatment can continue to make your custom cosmetic packaging box moisture-proof.
Waterproofing of cosmetic packaging materials
The third is that the film cannot be saved.
We all know that the reason why our custom cosmetic packaging box is damaged is because it is in contact with the air, which softens the packaging. If your product has been covered by the film, it is customized for you. A waterproof wall is artificially created between the cosmetic packaging box and the air, so that there is no direct connection between the water and the raw materials, and the deterioration of the packaging box is much reduced.
The film can keep your custom cosmetic packaging box away from the water in the air
Fourth, in the transportation link, we must pay attention to the use of vans.
The weather changes are often irregular. If we don’t pay attention to the transportation and suddenly encounter the rainy weather, then your custom cosmetic packaging box will be miserable and directly become a beach of soft paper, although open-air. Cars often have tarpaulins, but after all, they are not completely closed, so you must not neglect this little detail in the transportation process. Even if you do well in front, if you don’t handle this step well, then everything is In vain.
Cosmetic packaging must be transported by van
Fifth, pay attention to training employees’ fire prevention awareness
We all know that water and fire are ruthless, custom-made cosmetic packaging boxes, afraid of water when wet, but also afraid of fire when dry. Sometimes a cigarette butt may cause unpredictable losses. Any company should pay attention to this point. Usually, it will give the employees some relevant fire protection work and form a habit, so as to prevent the occurrence of things at the source.
Cosmetic packaging box is also very afraid of fire
Preserving the custom cosmetic packaging box, in fact, is the process of fighting against water and fire. We only track the whole process from raw materials, production, transportation to preservation, so that your customized cosmetic packaging box will not cause damage, and eventually form irreparable consequences.


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