Show customers the best brand image – cardboard display stand

16-07-2018 | 12.00 am

Large enterprise brand owners will give matching cardboard display stand to distributors. Because after a few years of transition, the display stands are perfect to help companies expand the market and unify the company’s image.

What is the specific role of the cardboard display stand?

We know that consumers are willing to choose manufacturers with high visibility and strength. Products to attract consumers, what is required is visual effects, neatly placed, rich printing, people rely on clothing, products depend on packaging. The paper display rack cannot only display products, but also make the products stand out in the public. The brand effect of the picture can stimulate the purchase of the customer. Let the products stand out in the same kind of products and display rich product information.

Why choose cardboard display stand?

1. Can be customized according to company and promotion needs, and used together with other materials to meet the customization requirements.

2. The printing content is rich, and with other public propaganda, it can better attract consumers’ attention and attract customers to stop and stimulate their desire to purchase. Enhance product image and highlight company logo.

3. Replacing the salesperson (when the customer has no choice but to start, a separate shelf display makes the product stand out, constantly providing consumers with product information, attracting attention and promoting purchase determination)

4. Low cost. (Not only a single set of low cost, but also save transportation costs)

5. Customize your own cardboard display stand to create an event atmosphere.

Cardboard display stands have advantages and disadvantages.

The main material of the cardboard display stand is corrugated paper, which is suitable for indoor use and cannot be placed outdoors for rain and exposure.


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