How to solve the problem of printing color difference in cardboard display stand

11-10-2018 | 12.00 am

How to solve the problem of printing color difference in cardboard display stand
How to solve the problem of cardboard display printing chromatic aberration


When we use the cardboard display printing machine, it may often change the color of the printed product after a period of use. In this case, our majority of printing press users often have no way to start, and it takes a lot of time and money. Repair this situation. In response to this situation, I would like to introduce to you a few more effective methods, and hope to play a role in the process of using everyone.

1 First of all, we should check whether the design of our printed matter on the layout is reasonable. For example, the pattern with a relatively large amount of ink is placed in a slight position. For such a layout design, it is definitely not conducive to the printing of high-quality printed matter. We should They are placed in the mouth of the mouth, which is conducive to the control of the paper by the tooth decay, and it is easier to print the printed matter without discoloration. After doing this, our printed matter may solve the problem of discoloration, of course, it can not be solved, if it is done With these efforts, our prints are still discolored as soon as possible to inform the company for repairs and to resolve the problem quickly.


2 After we have eliminated the film problem, we should check if there is any problem with the ink system. We can use the very simple method to check the ink system. First, we use the car wash water (can add water) to thoroughly clean the ink path. After parking, we will stop. It should be checked whether there are white crystalline particles in the ink path. If we find such a substance, the discoloration may be caused by the partial discoloration of the printed matter produced by the crystalline material, which is often reflected in the discoloration. Brush color local color cast.


After the car wash, these crystals were not found. We restarted the press and inked each ink roller. After the ink was finished, we closed the plate roller and the plate water roller to check whether the pressure reached the standard. If not, I recommend re-adjusting all the ink roller pressures to a good condition.

3 After doing this, we can test it. When testing, we should choose a better coated paper for trial printing to avoid the impact of paper problems on us. For thin paper, we should try to open the air volume on the embossing. For thick paper, we should open it in moderation. If there has been a discoloration of the printed matter, we should not start the conclusion of the problem of the printing press itself. We should first look for the cause outside the printing press. We should first use a magnifying glass to observe the dot on the printing plate and check if it is already The deformation of the dot appears. If it is found that the dot has been deformed on the printing plate, then we should check the film to eliminate the problem when the film is released.


4 Check the paper under the paper, which includes the adjustment of the lower paper wind, the flatness of the paper in the front gauge, the cooperation between the paper and the paper, the operation of the paper belt, and so on. After there is no problem in the ink system, we check the condition of the waterway, adjust the pressure between the plate water roller, the metering roller, the water roller, and the water roller. In particular, adjust the pressure of the middle roller. Under the condition of the intermediate water roller, it is best not to use it during the printing process.


5 If the heat still does not solve the discoloration problem after doing this, then we may have to consider the problem of the tooth. We should clean the dental pad, and it is best to remove the spring for cleaning. Some of our manufacturers only have the lead. Knowing to clean the dental pads, I don’t know if it is wrong to clean the teeth.


Check for dead teeth, use a high-efficiency rust remover such as WD-40, and oil the teeth and the shaft to ensure that there is no death. If there is no problem with the ink path, we should check if the rubber liner is standard. We recommend that the thickness of the liner should be 35 filaments. The blanket is preferably branded with aluminum strips and the blanket is preferably new. It is best to re-tighten the new blanket after using it for a while.


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