Tips for promoting folding design

09-11-2018 | 12.00 am

Tips for promoting folding design
In the summer season, various companies have launched a publicity campaign. A well-designed promotional leaflet is indispensable. The folding page is not monotonous but can accommodate more content than a single page, so as to share the techniques of promoting the folding design.

Promotional folding
The propaganda of the brochure is beautiful and exquisite. Through the beauty of the design, everyone can read and enjoy it. When you display the product, you should choose the best angle and try to be realistic. When choosing the font, you should choose according to the style of the whole layout. Abrupt fonts can ruin the style of folding. The choice of color tone should also be in line with the overall style, so that the audience can be happy when reading and stimulate the desire to buy.

The size of the common promotional leaflet is 420x285mm, 210x285mm, and the design size should be 3mm per week. Generally speaking, the conventional size design will be used. Unconventional size may cause waste of paper, so customers are advised to choose carefully.

The most commonly used paper for brochures is 157g coated paper. You can also choose 105g, 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g and other coated paper or double-adhesive paper for design. Special paper brochures are commonly found in the book.

The overall design of the brochure should capture the cover and the back cover to attract the audience’s attention. The cover should be vivid and eye-catching. The color matching and graphic layout of the inner page should conform to the reading habits of the audience. The overall style should be consistent and avoid the audience. A sense of jumping when reading.


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