Why Would You Use Cardboard Display?

28-12-2017 | 9.53 am

Manufacturers, retail outlets, chain marketing business, cosmetic shops, departmental shops and other such businesses need some display cabinets to show off their products in the best way. Displays play a vital role in increasing sales of such businesses. With the help of these display units, they can advertise their business or brand and display their products, to attract more customers to their store.


There are different kinds of display cabinets available in the market such as glass display cabinets, wooden cabinets and concrete shelves. However, these display units are costly and you cannot customize them according to your needs. But you can choose the cardboard display for your shops and retail outlets, and you can also customize them with your own design at an affordable price. Apart from that, the materials used to make such display units are completely eco-friendly and recyclable.


Top 5 Advantages of cardboard display units:


01. Cardboard display cabinets are cost-effective and extremely versatile in nature. You can easily assemble these cabinets. They are also light in weight and easy to transport. You can use them in your store and for your promotional event.


02. Corrugated cardboard are durable and strong, and usually used in point of order displays. You can easily cut and glue them to design your display cabinets. This cardboard serves many different purposes. You can use them to make displays for advertising your business or use it to make custom POP displays like merchandising displays, floor displays and advertising standees. You can also customize these displays with promotional stickers and company logo etc.


03. Cardboard display is ideal for retail packaging. Even you can also cut them and reshape your display cabinets according to your needs.


04. These cardboard display units are designed of 350g CCNB + K5 corrugated cardboard materials and they can bear heavy loads. There are different kinds of cardboard display units available such as floor display units, counter display, hook display, and dump bins storage, pallets display and cardboard furniture. So you can choose the display that fits to your business needs.


05. Cardboard display looks warmer than steel and plastic, and due to its soft finish. After getting the customer feedback, you can easily change their designs and add more features in this display units and packaging boxes.


Cardboard display units for your business


There are various types of cardboard display units available in the market and you can customize their shape, size, design, color and style. So it completely depends on your choice what type of cardboard display you want. Such displays are often used in retail outlets to store items such as mobile phone, accessories, books, journals, CDs, DVDs, and small electronic gadgets in the different racks of these floor display units.


Apart from that, there are some special floor display units available for storing clothes, grocery items, bottles, and other things. Since they come in a hundred of varieties  you can choose the one that fits your needs. Some cardboard floor display units that are used by many retailers these days include counter display, pallet display, dump bin, hook display. Amongst various floor display units, supermarket cardboard displays are used by many retails as they come with sufficient storage space.


Not only that, the hook cardboard displays come with inter-locking system and you can use them to display your valuable items such as mobile phones, other electronic accessories and sunglasses safely. In this way, customers can easily find their suitable products in your store and purchase them instantly. Some things to consider before installing cardboard displays in your store:


  • Do not install a cash counter in your store that looks dull and just utilize the counter space for promoting brands and for increasing sales. In this case, you can use the dump bin display and store your clearance items inside it. Before customers reach to the cash counter, they will easily find these dump bins near your counter space and pick something from these bins. So this is a smart way to encourage additional purchases.


  • Do not go for the traditional marketing modes like news paper advertisements and television ads, because people do not have much time to spend on your advertisement anymore. But when people pass by a shop where there is a decorative cardboard standee placed at the entrance, it will definitely persuade you to buy some products from it. If you are one of those who want to increase sales of your business, you should install advertising standees in your store. If you are a manufacturers then print more cardboard standee with your product details and generate these colorful standees to your retailers.


  • Apart from that, you can also find some sidekick display and cardboard pallet display in the market. You can store your cosmetic products in these display units. If you are a manufacturer then just circulate separate cardboard pallet or sidekick display racks to your retailers and they can use them to display all their items to attract more customers to purchase. In this way, you can create an additional space for your items inside the retailer’s outlet and you can promote your brands and increase your sales.


  • Even now you can also design some occasions based cardboard display units. For example, you can design a cardboard Santa with Christmas trees for your customers, and place your items inside the Santa’s gift boxes. So children will surely be attracted to this concept and they will love to have these Santa’s gifts on Christmas Eve. Similarly, you have many more options for cardboard display to choose from such as children bus shaped display, cardboard paper tube display, and portable household paper tube display, wire display, wooden display and lost more. So choose the proper display units according to your needs.


Before you choose the cardboard display manufacturer, you need to check few things such as whether the manufacturer has all the advanced tools and equipment to undertake this job perfectly.

Also, they must have experienced designer team and they should have 24 hours online customer service facility. Graphic designers play a vital role for manufacturing the cardboard display and as they are capable of providing the same design you want in your display cabinets. So before you place your order, always discuss your requirement with the manufacturer and also ask for the sample. If you like their sample, you can buy cardboard displays in bulk for your business.


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