X display rack _ price | production | size introduction

02-11-2018 | 12.00 am

X display rack _ price | production | size introduction
What is the display rack? The X display rack is a kind of promotional material for the back side of the x-frame advertisement. It supports the advertisement pictures designed in front of us. We will see it in some stores, shopping malls or outdoor advertising activities. X display rack The feature of easy portability and installation is a good helper for our advertising.

X display rack

X display rack price is also relatively cheap, usually in the dozens of fast money, also has different specifications and sizes, X display rack can be used repeatedly, with different advertising activities, only need to change the advertising picture, all the frequency used in advertising Also very high.
The size of the X display rack is more than 60*160cm and 80*180cm. The material and style will be different. When we make the X display frame, it is generally the same as the size of the x display frame. If the screen size is too large. If there is any wrinkle, if the size is smaller than the size of the x-frame, it is about 5cm, so that when the x-display frame is supported, the picture can be fully displayed and the display effect will be better.


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